Helen Frederick’s Paper is the Art Itself
William Waters, The Baltimore Review, 1982

Art: People and Places
Amaury St Gilles, IPC “83 Japan, Kyoto, 1983

Helen Frederick, Paper Tiger
Museum and Arts magazine, Cover Story, Kate Tyndall, July/August, 1988
Paper Tiger

Artscape Shows Offer Refreshing Look at Local Works
Michael Giuliano, Baltimore SUN, July, 1988

The Paperbook with a 35- Foot Plot
Kate Tyndall, The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 9, 1988

The Art It Takes to Make a Book
Edward J. Sozanski, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September, 1988

The Cool Hues of Summer’s End
Jo Ann Lewis, The Washington Post, August 27, 1988

Art From Paper Pulp: Paper takes Its Place in the Gallery
Roxanne Orgill, The wall Street journal, March, 1989

Print Workshops Display a Spectrum of Works at Maryland Art Place
John Dorsey, Baltimore SUN, May, 1989

The Renaissance Woman, Helen Frederick of Pyramid Atlantic Mixes Art and Business and It Works!
Rosanne Singer, The Takoma Voice, MD, February, 1989

Tricentennial Celebration at Pyramid Atlantic
Uptown Citizen, Washington, DC, October, 1990

Objets d’Art: Folding Screens
Ann Glenn Crow, ARTPAPERS, January, 1990

Empowering Monotype
J.W, Mahoney, The Dadian Gallery, American University The New Art Examiner, November, 1992

Janet Wilson, American University Watkins Gallery, Washington Post, November, 1992

Multinational Roots
Harry Kambouridis, for the Crossing Over / Changing Places exhibition, Athens, Greece, 1993.

Earth Views at RAP
Mary McCoy, The Washington Post, January, 1993

Tres Mondos de Papel, Intercanbio De Tamices
Medelin Press, American Cultural Center, Medelin, Colunbia. 1994
Tres Mondos de Papel

In Profile: Helen Frederick, Maker of Paper and Mentor to Many
Susan Davidson, Art and Antiques magazine, 1995

A Fusion of Nuclear Reactions
Ferdinand Protzman, The Washington Post, October, 1995

An Artist’s Fire, Reminding Us of the Last 50 Years
Mary Rand Tharrington, The Connection, October, 1995
An Artist’s Fire

Bombs Away
Martha McWilliams, The Emerson Gallery, McLean, VA, Washington Post, 1996
Bombs Away

Helen C. Frederick: CAUTION: Appearance (Dis)appearance
Robin Rice, Philadelphia City Paper, April, 1996
Philadelphia City Paper 1996

Helen Frederick
Anita Wooten, ARTPAPERS, Texann Fine Arts Gallery, Orlando, FL, March/April, 1998
Art Papers 1998

The Fine Art of Collaboration
Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post, April, 2005

Silver Anniversary Celebrates Collaboration
Claudia Rousseau, The Gazette, April, 2005

A Deliberate Sorrow: Helen Frederick's Incorporeal Other

A Deliberate Sorrow

Numerous articles since 1998 have appeared on-line and in area papers. ART ON PAPER and ART IN AMERICA have featured reviews of artist books and print publications. Pyramid Atlantic online has 100 pages of listings.