1999-2000, artist book, 8.5” x 11.25”, Printed digitally with an Epson 2200 onto custom-made papers by the artist and hand bound by the artist. Self published, Edition: 10. CD produced in collaboration with Amelia Winger Bearskin at George Mason University.

Suspension / Scieran (The Installation)
A person experiencing two states of being
A landmark between two things
An island in the midst of the sea
A civilization transforming itself
A new technology altering our way of thinking

I am concerned with materials - not the way they look but the way they are. Suspension/Scieran is a play of opposing traditions, that of materials hand formed and that of materials electronically conceived and produced. Both traditions allow in their stages of development, an opportunity for narrative inclusion. The particular narrative I use here comes from the mind speaking to itself while walking. Along the shoreline, one thinks about the identification of self as an instrument of the environment, while also contemplating the ecology, history and shape of the land. I am witnessing my observations and workings of the inner voice that are formed by my response to a particular site. The site in this case is a shoreline, a selvage for human experience where history speaks from the edge, under the currents of water, into the land cover, over geological formations, ancient walls, and amongst all living organisms.