Monotypes, A New Expression of Drawing
Hand Papermaking Magazine, Winter Volume, 1987
Monotypes and Handmade Paper

Quiet Bite
Washington Review, Editor of the Special Summer Issue featuring Printmaking, August, 1992

In Praise of Paper
Hanoi Fine Arts College, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2000

Advancing Hand Papermaking
Washington Review, Interview with Michael Durgin, Senior Editor of Hand Papermaking magazine, 2001

Of Paper
Wrote essay for the national exhibit called “Of Paper” Montpelier Cultural Art Center, Laurel, MD, 2007

Why Beat Pulp?
Mapping New Paper Terrains in 2007-08, Hand Papermaking Magazine, Summer Volume, 2008
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Why Beat Pulp?
Mapping New Paper Terrains in 2007-08, Grapheion Yearbook, November 2008

Printmaking Milestones: Diversity, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship, 2008
International Prints – USA and Japan, Catalog for traveling museum exhibition in Tokyo, Kyoto and Tokushima, Japan, 2008
Printmaking Milestones

She’s So Articulate
Exhibition review, Arlington Art Center, for ART PAPERS, 2008
She's So Articulate

Investigating Cultural Literacy
Hand Papermaking Magazine, Volume 28, Number 2 - Winter 2013
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